Rumour: Early Comparisons Suggest The Xbox Series X Is Smaller Than The PS5
Image: Lucas Liaskos on Twitter

Fans have already begun creating comparisons between the Xbox Series X and PS5 following the latter's hardware reveal last night, and so far, it looks like the Xbox Series X is significantly smaller.

The mock-up you see above (thanks Lucas Liaskos) is based on the size of the disc drives (he says the controllers might not be accurate), suggesting the PS5 is much taller than the Xbox Series X and PS4 Pro. A user on Reddit has also put an image together using the disc drives as reference:

Xbox Series X & PS5 Console Sizes Compared
Image: Grebo7 on Reddit

Of course, none of this is official yet and we don't have the exact dimensions for Sony's PlayStation 5 at the time of writing. But even so, it definitely looks like the PS5 is a beefier design than the Xbox Series X, and both consoles are ultimately larger than their PS4 Pro and Xbox One X counterparts.

Does the size of both consoles matter to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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