Dead Space Writer Teases Next-Gen Game Reveal For This Week

Writer Antony Johnston, who has previously worked on the likes of Dead Space, ZombiU and Shadow of Mordor, has teased that he's been working on a "big videogame" that will be revealed at Sony's PS5 digital event tomorrow.

Speaking on Twitter, Johnston explained that he's been working on the project "for almost 2 years now," casually slipping in that "you should all watch the PS5 launch event on Thursday."

It's really anyone's guess as to what this might be, and we have no idea whether it's a PS5 exclusive or is coming to Xbox Series X as well. The only hint Johnston has provided so far is that "you play a character having a really bad time," which, uh... doesn't give us much to go on. Rest assured that if it's coming to Xbox, we'll let you know about it following the PS5 digital event tomorrow!

What are you hoping Johnston's "big videogame" project will be? Share your thoughts in the comments.