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  • Talking Point What Xbox Series X Limited Editions Are You Hoping For?

    Halo Infinite? Hellblade?

    The Xbox One X has received some fantastic limited edition bundles in recent years, capped off with arguably the very best earlier this week in the form of the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X. That was actually the last limited edition version of the console to ever be released, so Microsoft's attention now turns to the future...

  • Video A Playable Five-Year-Old Build Of Dead Island 2 Has Leaked

    Footage on YouTube

    An early, playable PC build of Dead Island 2 has been leaked online, allegedly via message board 4Chan. Various YouTubers have since posted footage of the unfinished game, and Eurogamer has reportedly verified the build is the work of then-Dead Island 2 developer Yager Development. You can catch a video of the game courtesy of...

  • News Cyberpunk 2077's Xbox One X Bundle Includes The First DLC Expansion

    Continue your stay in Night City

    If you're still unsure about whether or not you should purchase the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X Limited Edition bundle, it's worth pointing out that it will also include a digital copy of the game and the first DLC expansion. While we're sure some of our readers are already aware of this, we thought it was a rather...

  • News Easy Day Studios' Skater XL Has Been Postponed Until Later In July

    "We appreciate your understanding"

    Easy Day Studios' SkaterXL has been on the radar of many Xbox skateboarding fans for some time now, but you'll have to wait a little longer to get your hands on it. Despite initially targeting a July 7th release, the developer has now pushed the skate sim back to July 28th. Announcing the delay in a Twitter post,...

Saturday6th Jun 2020

  • Quiz How Well Do You Know Forza Horizon?

    Test your knowledge in our quiz

    It's quiz time! Forza Horizon has become one of Playground Games and Xbox Game Studios' most cherished series' over the past few years due to its vast numbers of vehicles, fantastic map designs and superb blend of arcade and simulation style racing. But how much do you know about the franchise to date? Let's find...

  • Feature Pick One: Which Of These Xbox Movie Tie-Ins Would You Make Backwards Compatible?

    You can only pick one!

    It's time for the return of Pick One! This week, we're focusing on movie tie-ins, of which there have been many throughout Xbox history. The following three titles weren't massively successful from a critical standpoint, but have all retained plenty of fans throughout the past couple of decades. So, let's say Microsoft has...

  • Video A Look At The Cancelled Marvel Avengers Game Running On Xbox 360

    Avengers disassemble

    In 2011 - long before Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers was announced - THQ Studio Australia and Blue Tongue Entertainment were working on their very own first-person version of the popular superhero series for Xbox 360 and multiple other platforms. Its release was planned to coincide with the first Avengers movie, but THQ began...

  • News EA Extends Madden NFL 21 Free Upgrade Offer For Xbox Series X

    Due to fan feedback

    Following the reveal of Madden NFL 21 during May's Inside Xbox broadcast, EA confirmed that Xbox One versions of the game would be upgraded to the Xbox Series X version for free until March 31, 2021. Now, the company has revealed that it has extended the offer until the release of Madden NFL 22. The program EA is using is called...

  • News The Xbox App Has Begun Rolling Out Mod Support For PC Games

    Into the Breach, State of Decay and more

    Ever since the new Xbox (Beta) app for PC was first released, players have been questioning whether their favourite PC games, including Xbox Game Pass titles, will eventually get mod support. Now, it looks like Microsoft has begun rolling out this feature, with multiple games offering the ability to enable...

    • Xbox
  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? (June 6th)

    Buying anything in the Deals Unlocked Sale?

    The weekend starts here! As usual, there are plenty of Xbox deals to take advantage of over the next few days. Three games are available to try with Xbox Live Free Play Days, and there's a massive Deals Unlocked Sale currently ongoing at the Microsoft Store. Here's what we're playing over the next couple...

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  • News New Screenshots Reveal Vastly Redesigned Xbox Store

    What do you think?

    Update: Journalist Brad Sams has posted a hands-on video with the new design via Thurrott, which you can see above. Original Story: Late last week, we shared the news that a mysterious "Mercury" app had appeared on some Xbox One owners' consoles, with Windows Central suggesting it w

  • Roundup Grab Some Far Cry Bargains In This Week's Xbox Sale

    As low as £0.71

    Big Far Cry fan? Even if you're never sampled the franchise, there are some fantastic deals in this week's Xbox Live sale that you might be interested in. Two of the series' classics are even available for under £1, and they're both backwards compatible on Xbox One. It doesn't get better than that! The following games are all...

  • Guide All Xbox Game Pass Games

    The Complete List For Xbox One & PC

    Looking for a complete list of Xbox Game Pass games for console and PC? You'll find every included title in the subscription-based service below, including backwards compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 games. It's worth noting that the console and PC versions of Game Pass are separate - if you want them both, you'll need...

  • News The Xbox Console Companion App For Windows 10 Is Being Replaced

    By the new Xbox app

    If you regularly use (and update) the Xbox Console Companion App on your Windows 10 PC, you might have noticed that it's displaying a new message. It's now prompting you to download "the new Xbox app," which is said to be replacing the Xbox Console Companion. "Discover and download new games with Xbox Game Pass, see what your...

    • Xbox
  • News The Xbox Series X Will Launch In Japan This Holiday, Confirms Microsoft

    Revealed by Famitsu

    According to Japanese outlet Famitsu, Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series X will launch in the country during the "2020 holiday season". Halo Infinite, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Scarlet Nexus and Bright Memory: Infinite have all been confirmed for domestic release so far (thanks VGC). This could mean Microsoft is...

  • News Project Cars 3 Races Onto Xbox One This Summer, Watch The Trailer

    Watch the trailer

    Bandai Namco has revealed that Project CARS 3 is coming to Xbox One later this summer. You can watch the new announcement trailer above, which features some typically stunning visuals. We've received limited information on the game so far, although according to GamesRadar, it's set to feature a brand-new career mode, car...

  • News CD Projekt Red Postpones Its Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Event

    Until 25th June

    Due to the current events taking place in America and elsewhere around the globe, the Polish developer, publisher, and distributor CD Projekt Red has made the decision to postpone its Night City Wire broadcast, which was originally scheduled to take place on 11th June. It's now been pushed back to 25th June - and as noted in the...

  • News Sea Of Thieves Has Officially Sailed Onto Steam

    Available now

    It was revealed back in April that Rare's Sea of Thieves would be coming to the Steam platform in the near future, and now it has officially arrived. The game is available at a price of £34.99. As Steam and the Microsoft Store are separate platforms, existing PC owners who are eager to play this way will need to buy the game again...

  • News WWE 2K's New Executive Producer Hints At Possible GM Mode Revival

    One of the most requested features

    Recently appointed WWE 2K executive producer Patrick Gilmore took part in a Reddit Q&A last week, and revealed new information on the future of the series. During this, he responded to calls for the return of General Manager Mode, saying it's "one of the most requested features we get." GM Mode was first...

  • News You'll Be Able To Take Your First Steps In Elite Dangerous Next Year

    New Odyssey expansion

    Frontier Developments has announced an expansion for Elite Dangerous called Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is coming to Xbox One next year. For the first time, it'll allow you to take your first steps on "countless unique planets as you discover land untouched since time began." Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will feature the ability to...

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