The Ascent Dev: The Xbox Series X Leap Is Huge

The developer of upcoming Xbox Series X (and Xbox One) game The Ascent was recently interviewed by magazine EDGE, during which it discussed working on the next-gen system (thanks Wccftech).

In regards to the partnership between developer Neon Giant and Microsoft in getting the game ready for Xbox Series X, co-founder Arcade Berg suggested it's been a fairly smooth process:

"Microsoft is very open and approachable. I mean, [Neon Giant co-founder] Tor has worked on I don't know how many machines by now, so we've seen the different generation of consoles and things just get better and better. Microsoft knows what it takes to be able to make a game for their machines, so they're prepared, the tools are there."

Neon Giant's Tor Frick went on to highlight that because of the Xbox Series X, it's becoming "easier and easier to actually use all that power and to spend more time on the creative bits," indicating some of the advantages The Ascent will have on the next-gen console:

"The Xbox Series X leap is huge. We're doing, of course, 4K 60 FPS in The Ascent, which is blazingly fast. The hard drive read speed and stuff like that - there are so many things. Faster load speeds - it just comes out, magically. You just click, and there you go, it loads way faster.

The draw distances are going to be as long as we can possibly make them anyway, so it's mostly about the clarity of detail, because we have more detail than you can actually see at lower resolutions."

What do you make of these comments? Looking forward to The Ascent? Let us know down below.

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