Developer Frogwares has announced that it's bringing Sherlock Holmes Chapter One to current-gen (including Xbox One) and "next gen" platforms in 2021. The game will be a prequel focusing on the early career of the detective.

You can watch the reveal trailer for the game above, which is set in Holmes' Mediterranean island hometown and will see him "unearth a massive conspiracy and his connections to it."

Frogwares is no stranger to Sherlock Holmes games, having worked on them since the early 2000s. The developer's most recent releases on Xbox One include Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments and Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter, as well as 2019 detective game The Sinking City.

In Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, you play as the titular character who returns to his hometown following his mother's death. While exploring the open world of the Mediterranean island town, Sherlock will learn that this seemingly quiet setting and its residents have something to hide. He'll use his developing deductive skills to unearth a more massive conspiracy and his connections to it.

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