Call Of Duty Warzone

Back in April, we ran a story about Xbox players disabling cross-play in the free-to-play title Call of Duty: Warzone to avoid PC cheaters. At the time, Infinity Ward had already issued over 70,000 bans within the first month of the game's release and stated how it had "zero tolerance" for these types of players.

Now, roughly a month later, the developer has enabled two-step SMS authentication for new free-to-play Warzone users on PC. It means a phone number will be required for every new account. Here's the official announcement:

This requirement is expected to reduce the number of cheaters who would create new accounts once their existing one had been reported and banned.

According to Eurogamer, early signs suggest the new anti-cheat measures appear to be making an impact. Some "fresh posts" on a well-known video game cheat website have questioned if cheating in Warzone is still worth the hassle. Here's what one member had to say about the actions taken by IW:

"Is COD Warzone really worth all this hassle, is the game THAT fun or is cheating in it and beating down kids worth THAT much trouble? If I were banned, that'd be it. I wouldn't even create a new account."

A now-locked post on r/CODWarzone also highlighted a cheater who had recently spent money on Warzone cheats and was unable to use them because of shadowbans and the requirement of a mobile number.

While this won't put a complete stop to cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone, it's definitely a step in the right direction and should be enough to deter at least some players who might have been considering it.

How has Warzone been for yourself recently? Have you encountered any cheaters? Tell us below.