Scorn Dev Explains Why It Didn't Show Gameplay During May's Inside Xbox Event

We had our first look at Xbox Series X console exclusive Scorn last week, which is a first-person horror game from developer Ebb Software. The company revealed a trailer for the game during May 7th's Inside Xbox event, but didn't actually show any gameplay of the title during the episode.

Following that trailer, the developer took to Steam to produce a Q&A, explaining that it didn't unveil any gameplay due to being pushed for time in creating the trailer:

"We were actually planning to release a different trailer at a later date that was twice as long, and that was going to feature gameplay elements, but the opportunity to be a part of Inside Xbox happened in a very short period of time. Microsoft also couldn't give us more than 2 minutes (not that we would be able to prepare more on such short notice anyway) so we decide to re-conceptualize and re-arrange it. We like to set a specific mood and pacing with the trailers and it was already hard squeezing this much into 2 minutes, let alone having additional gameplay footage without disrupting the established flow and mood."

As for why the developer chose to make Scorn an Xbox Series X console exclusive, it explained the system is "very capable hardware (on par with high-end PCs)," and that meant it could run the game at 4K resolution and 60fps. Furthermore, Microsoft was said to be "more than cooperative" in ensuring the developer had full influence over the game's concept and development process.

The authenticity of the game and being able to develop it as we conceptualized it is the highest priority. Before deciding to partner with Microsoft we made sure that they will not have any influence over the game's concept and development process. They were more than cooperative in that regard. The only thing they were interested in was exclusivity rights. Once all that was agreed upon it was a no brainer decision when you look at all the benefits Scorn will get from this partnership, from additional resources to much bigger exposure(marketing). It will certainly help us make Scorn a better, polished game in the end.

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