Xbox Game Pass Now Has Over 10 Million Subscribers

You know how much we love Xbox Game Pass here at Pure Xbox, so we're chuffed to hear that the service now has over 10 million subscribers! Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed this in an earnings call earlier today/last night, and also revealed some additional Xbox-related figures (thanks

Nadella indicated that the company enjoyed "record levels of engagement" during the last quarter, now boasting nearly 90 million monthly active users of Xbox Live. Meanwhile, the CEO also highlighted the success of the Project xCloud streaming preview, with "hundreds of thousands" of active users participating in the beta.

Xbox Game Pass is set to go from strength-to-strength over the next few days, with the highly-anticipated release of Streets of Rage 4 dropping later today, and Rockstar Games epic Red Dead Redemption 2 arriving on May 7th.

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