Xbox Boss Talks The Failures Of Xbox One Launch, How It Impacted Xbox Series X
Image: Microsoft / Charles Sykes

Xbox boss Phil Spencer appeared on an hour-long IGN podcast last night, and made various comments in regards to Xbox and Xbox Series X. Talking about the Xbox One's launch back in 2013, Spencer admitted there were some business models that certainly didn't go down well at the time.

"There were other policy things around Xbox One, and maybe even some focus - definitely some focus things - in terms of learning... it's about allowing people to play the best versions of their games, respecting the purchases that they've made with us, even though maybe some of the past business models were - let's go force people to go re-buy all the games that they own."

Spencer also noted the important role features such as Xbox Game Pass, Smart Delivery and backwards compatibility will play in the launch of Xbox Series X, proving a stark contrast to the early days of Xbox One. He went on to point out some of the glaring issues the system had back in 2013:

"I mean, many people probably forget that when we launched Xbox One, you couldn't talk to Xbox 360 customers on Xbox Live - we didn't support your digital library when you moved over even though we were telling you this was a digital console. The digital relationships and friends that you had, you weren't able to retain those relationships... you talk about my learning, it's - 'respect the gamer'."

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