Yes, you read that correctly! There's a new update on the way for Sea of Thieves later this month, and in addition to including a bunch of new gameplay features, it'll also see cats added to the game for the first time. The new trailer, unveiled during Inside Xbox, says the "furry felines will follow you on adventures across the seas."

The trailer details many more new features coming as part of the update as well, including an overhauled Arena mode, the ability to revive crew members, a selection of new emotes, new PvP Trading Company The Reaper's Bones, and a risk-reward Emissary system.

The new Sea of Thieves update sails in on April 22nd, and is titled Ships of Fortune. You can see the full trailer in the YouTube link above, which also includes a brief message from Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate.

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