Roundup: Here's What Critics Are Saying About Gears Tactics So Far

The first reviews for Gears Tactics have gone live, and they're looking pretty positive! We've rounded up just a few of them below, so let's see what reviewers are saying about the game so far:

We'll start over at Video Games Chronicle, which gave the PC-only game (coming to Xbox later this year) the equivalent of an 8/10. The review described it as "an accomplished, but no-frills alternative to XCOM":

"Tactics is an accomplished, action-packed alternative to XCOM that genre fans will certainly appreciate – especially those looking for a larger-scale experience than the recently released Chimera Squad. It also lays a promising foundation for the Gears of War series – which is possibly feeling tired in the shooter space – to grow in a new genre it’s clearly suited to."

Meanwhile, IGN also gave Gears Tactics an 8/10, praising its fantastic visuals and "satisfying" tactical battles, as well as its "excellent campaign":

"Gears Tactics is an excellent turn-based tactics game that does a fantastic job of melding Gears’ famous style and action with the mechanics laid down by XCOM. It’s one intense and satisfying tactical battle after another, and it looks absolutely fantastic doing it."

Finally, Eurogamer wasn't quite as enthusiastic, calling it "a competent tactical retooling of the Gears formula, even if the execution isn't always spot-on":

"There are moments in which Tactics does manage to be the successful marriage between Gears of War and XCOM that you might have hoped for, but as a whole package, I'm not convinced it's ever quite as good as that. I applaud it for experimenting with some brand new ideas, as well as providing another solid entry point into the turn-based strategy genre for those who've not been convinced in the past."

At the time of writing, Gears Tactics for PC has a Metacritic rating of 80 based on 24 critic reviews. There isn't an Xbox One version yet, although it's confirmed to be coming to console later this year. We'll be providing our own review of Gears Tactics in the near future, so keep an eye out for that one.

And remember, you can try it out for yourself tomorrow with Xbox Game Pass for PC!

Are you excited for Gears Tactics? Let us know if you'll be playing it in the comments.