Update: VG Tech has performed a frame rate test on the new Xbox One X version, and while it's much smoother, there's a suggestion the resolution has been lowered to 2880x1620. You can see that comparison video above.

Original Story: There's a new patch out for Resident Evil 3 today on Xbox One, and according to multiple reports (thanks Wccftech), it has fixed the frame-rate issues players have been experiencing on Xbox One X, now running at an almost buttery-smooth 60 frames per-second.

Until now, Xbox fans have been reporting various FPS drops in both the game's demo and the full release on Xbox One X (which runs at 4K resolution), and Digital Foundry did a breakdown showing the game varying wildly between 30FPS and 60FPS just over a week ago.

In contrast, the PS4 Pro version appeared to be running much more smoothly, only dipping slightly below the 60FPS mark. Now, following the update, reports like this from Resetera user Terror-Billy are suggesting the Xbox One X version is finally up to par, if not better:

"I'm super sensitive to framerate fluctuations. I saved my progress 2 days ago and that part was running at 45 fps or close. I loaded the file today after the update and the game is now a solid 60 on that part and over the hour or so that I played. It runs like Remake 2, with gameplay being solid 60 and cutscenes being a bit below sometimes due to high quality assets."

Have you noticed any differences following the patch on Xbox One X? Let us know in the comments.

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