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Image: Casey Rodgers / Microsoft

Another analyst has weighed in on the future of Xbox, this time via a fantastic in-depth Xbox Series X feature over at Polygon. As part of the feature, Wedbrush Securities gaming analyst Michael Pachter suggested that Microsoft and Sony's days as "gaming juggernauts are numbered," but also indicated that Microsoft is "extraordinarily well-positioned" for the future.

The main reasons for this, according to Pachter, relate to Microsoft being a provider of cloud technologies, combined with the brand appeal of Xbox:

“Google is already here, even though it’s executing badly [with Stadia]… Amazon is coming. But Microsoft has a direct relationship with the gamer. It has games like Halo. It’s also one of the biggest cloud companies in the world.”

According to Polygon, Pachter sees a lot of growth in cloud streaming (such as Project xCloud) and subscriptions, highlighting that a few hundred million people buy consoles every generation, while game streaming could potentially reach around 2.5 million gamers:

"That includes your mom who doesn’t play games, but it also includes the guys you went to high school with, who want to play Madden every now and again, but not so much that they’d buy a console. But if all they have to do is sign up for a cloud subscription, then boom.”

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