Rumour: WWE 2K21 Has Been Cancelled

Update (Fri 24th Apr, 2020 10:20 BST): Turns out the rumour was true! During a recent call with investors (thanks Kotaku), WWE interim chief financial officer Frank Riddick confirmed the absence of WWE 2K21 by indicating "there's not going to be a launch of a game this year."

In a follow-up, the WWE Games Twitter account posted earlier today to suggest it'll be revealing more about the future of the franchise on Monday morning, as well as revealing some "exciting news":

Original Story (Tue 14th Apr, 2020 10:40 BST): The next entry in 2K Games' WWE 2K series may not arrive later this year, according to a former writer on the WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw series. Justin Leeper claims he has heard from "reliable sources" that WWE 2K21 has been scrapped entirely, but 2K will also be publishing "a different kind of WWE game" in 2020.

Leeper, who was a writer on WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2009-2011, explained that he's been hearing rumblings about a potential cancellation since December:

"I heard back in December that cancellation was a 50/50 chance of it happening for this game. Then in January I heard, no - it's medium speed ahead, and you're going to get just about the same thing as [WWE] 2K20, for better or worse... But this news that I'm giving to you is late enough in the game where I'm pretty sure that this is final. They are stopping."

In regards to the "different kind of WWE game", Leeper suggests that 2K will be publishing a separate WWE game later this year, but he doesn't wish to share more details at present. However, he does describe it as "a different flavour - a palate cleanser, if you will".

And finally, Leeper also says that he's heard when WWE 2K22 finally does come out, it allegedly won't release on Xbox Series X or PS5, being limited to current-gen consoles such as Xbox One and PS4.

Do you believe this rumour? Do you think WWE 2K needs a year off? Let us know in the comments.

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