Guide: When Is Gears Tactics Coming To Xbox One?

Gears Tactics isn't your typical Gears game - it's a turn-based strategy title built from the ground-up for PC. The game is set 12 years before the first Gears of War, and sees you take control of Gabe Diaz as you command your squad in fast-paced battles to hunt down the leader of the Locust army, Ukkon.

"But Pure Xbox!", we hear you cry. "I don't want to play Gears on PC!". That's where you're in luck, as the team behind the game has confirmed it's definitely coming to console in the future as well. Here's what we know:

When Is Gears Tactics Coming To Xbox One?

The official word at the moment is that Gears Tactics is coming to "Xbox consoles later this year". Design Director Tyler Bielman revealed this in a recent Inside Xbox breakdown, and while he didn't mention any specifics, his use of the word "consoles" suggests it could be coming to Xbox Series X as well, although we don't know for sure right now.

Something we do know is that a console release has been planned for some time. Former Studio Head at The Coalition Rod Fergusson revealed it was coming to Xbox in a tweet back in August 2019:

If you just can't wait any longer, remember that Gears Tactics is included as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions starting April 28th. You'll be able to download it via the Xbox (Beta) app on Windows 10, and it'll be available for purchase separately on Windows 10 and Steam as well.

Will you be waiting for Gears Tactics to come to console? Let us know in the comments.