Former Xbox Director Reveals What He Thinks Of The PS5 Controller

Albert Penello, who worked as part of the Xbox team for almost two decades and was instrumental in the launch of the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, has revealed his thoughts on the PS5 controller via Twitter, stating that he likes the design, but also noting some of its potential downsides.

In a thread, Penello indicated some of the highlights of the controller, such as its "Portal/Mass Effect style armor" and widened triggers. He also went on to suggest that he understands the comparison with the Xbox One/Xbox Series X model, and is surprised it didn't evolve more towards the Google Stadia controller design:

The former Xbox Director also listed various downsides, including resting on the triggers, potential discomfort for larger hands due to the partline that runs down the controller's grips, questioning how useful its built-in microphone will actually prove, and wondering whether it'll also be compatible with PSVR and PlayStation 4.

Finally, in a separate tweet a couple of weeks ago, Penello also referenced the debate surrounding the Xbox Series X controller incorporating AA batteries rather than a rechargeable one. He stated the tradeoff is "more complex than people think", saying the debate has been ongoing for a long time:

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