Cyberpunk 2077 is easily one of the most anticipated video game releases of this year but has already suffered a number of setbacks. CD Projekt Red first announced the release date would be delayed from April to September at the start of this year, and more recently its employees have been working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Now, in a brief update attached to the company's 2019 overview, CD Projekt Group president and CEO Adam Kiciński has once again reassured fans there have been no major disruptions during this transition and that Cyberpunk 2077 will be ready in time for its September launch.

There is no shortage of motivation and we also possess all the tools needed to facilitate remote work. We’ve been operating in this mode for over three weeks and to-date results confirm that we can carry on with all our operations without major disruptions. Our plans haven’t changed – we’re steaming towards the September release of Cyberpunk

Within the post, it was also mentioned how CD Projekt Group's longstanding strategy of avoiding debt and accumulating cash reserves meant it was well prepared to continue on with work even during these challenging times.

This follows on from a statement shared by the Polish video game company in March, when it said it was confident its new game would launch – as planned – on 17th September, and explained how it had been gradually rolling out preventative measures to grant every team member the highest level of personal safety.

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