Xbox Reportedly Asks For Game Updates To Be Released During Off-Peak Hours
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is asking game developers to only release game updates during a four-hour overnight window in North America, according to an internal email reviewed by The New York Times. The move is a response to the growing and critical demand for internet use during the coronavirus pandemic.

The information, which was also shared by OnMSFT, revealed games companies are only being asked to release game updates from Monday to Thursday. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently noted that "usage is up on almost everything" when questioned about the demand placed on Xbox servers.

We also know Microsoft is "actively monitoring performance and usage trends" during this time, but has yet to reveal any concrete information about limiting download speeds or updates. It could be only a matter of time though, as Sony has already confirmed it's making adjustments to download speeds.

Is this a good move by Microsoft and Xbox? Let us know below.

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