The First Reviews For Doom Eternal Are Looking Hellaciously Good

The first reviews for DOOM Eternal have just gone live, and for the most part, they're really positive. Let's take a look at what some critics have been saying about the game so far.

We'll start over at sister site Push Square, who have given the game a 9/10. In their review, they list pros including "incredible gunplay", "wonderful level design" and a "fun, engaging story". Here's a quick snippet:

"After a dismal start to the year for new releases, id Software has issued the industry with the firmest kick up the arse imaginable. DOOM Eternal is absolutely incredible."

Elsewhere, IGN have also given the single-player portion of the game a 9/10, commenting that it's an "excellent refinement of the already outstanding 2016 reboot."

"Doom Eternal is one of the best first-person shooter campaigns in years. Its brand of fun remains unmatched in FPSes."

However, Eurogamer aren't quite so impressed by the improvements made to DOOM Eternal, commenting that the game is "fundamentally the 2016 reboot again with new props".

"Is this really all Doom can be, nowadays - a cascade of collectables, unwanted cutscenes and the spectacle of a gurning demon face, forever?"

At the time of writing, DOOM Eternal for Xbox One has a massive 90 Metacritic rating based on 10 critic reviews. The game comes out March 20th on all platforms (apart from Nintendo Switch), and we'll be providing our own review in due course.

Are you excited for DOOM Eternal? Let us know what you think of these reviews in the comments.

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