Microsoft Reveals How Long The Xbox Series X Has Been In Development© Microsoft

Something we mostly glossed over last week during the massive Xbox Series X reveal was exactly how long the Xbox Series X has been in the works. As revealed by both Digital Foundry and Austin Evans, we now know the console first began development all the way back in 2016.

For those keeping track, this means Microsoft was working on the system a year prior to the release of Xbox One X, which came out November 7, 2017. Here's a quick clip of Austin Evans discussing this with Partner Director of Program Management Jason Ronald:

Austin's hands-on reveal also gave us a look at the Xbox Series X devkit, which bares a significant resemblance to the Xbox One X devkit originally codenamed 'Project Scorpio'. The final thing looks nothing like it of course, and we're excited to see how it ultimately turns out later this year (fingers crossed!).

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