GTA Fans Think New GTA Online DLC Teases Locations Of GTA 6

It's worth taking this with a hefty pinch of salt, but some GTA fans seem to think they've discovered the locations where the inevitable Grand Theft Auto VI will be set. It's the result of a recent GTA Online DLC called Open Wheel, which includes an interesting map for the "Height of Society" race track.

According to a commenter on the GTA Forums (thanks Comic Book), the map for the track appears to feature rough outlines of Florida and Mexico, indicating that the game may be returning to Vice City as well as South American cities and/or countries. Check out the theory for yourself below:

We think this might be reaching a bit, but even so, there are rumours about GTA VI dropping every day. In fact, various 4chan members have recently taken to the site to suggest the game will be revealed very soon, but for now, all we can do is speculate until an official announcement is released by Rockstar Games.

Are you buying this theory? What do you want to see from GTA VI? Tell us in the comments.

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