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Microsoft is looking to even the playing field next generation by releasing more first-party exclusives than ever before. In order to achieve this, it needs studios and lots of them. While we already know Xbox has plenty of talented developers on board, there might be one – or even two – that haven't yet been revealed.

During day one of the company's Game Stack Live event, Microsoft's General Manager of Game Development Kevin Gammill said Xbox Game Studios had 16 first-party teams assigned to game creation. What's so surprising about this is the fact there's no public record of this many studios. Here's his exact words:

What's unique about gaming at Microsoft is that we build the tools for game developer and then we use them across our 16 first-party studios to actually create games. We recognize game development is about pushing technology to its absolute limits.

As highlighted by Wccftech, this is unlikely to be a slip-up, as it was a pre-recorded message at the start of the show.

The currently confirmed studios under the Xbox banner include 343 Industries, Compulsion Games, Double Fine, InXile Entertainment, Mojang, Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, Playground Games, Rare, The Coalition, The Initiative, Turn 10, Undead Labs and World's Edge. Xbox Game Studios Publishing is also believed to be included, but if it's not, Microsoft technically only has 14 internal development studios – meaning it could have acquired two more teams.

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If it is just a single studio, which one could it be? There have been rumours about Microsoft eyeing off a Polish developer, and there's a theory Asobo Studio (responsible for Microsoft Flight Simulator) could be the next acquisition. Perhaps it's something else completely?

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