Dark Souls Game.jpg

In other news surrounding the hype of the Dark Souls III launch, Steamforged Games have put an idea for a Dark Souls-based board game on Kickstarter.

The company put up a request for £50,000 - which seems a lot to regular working Joes like us. However, this idea has really caught the imagination of the internet, and with 21 days still to go, pledges have reached almost £1.5 million.

We're not really sure where you set a stretch goal after you have received more than 20 times your original target!

If you fancy some of that action, the Kickstarter link is here , and a trailer for the board game is just below. Those pieces look great, and this is shaping up to be a game to keep an eye on, but with a delivery estimate of April 2017, you'll have to be patient!

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