Elite Dangerous Cobra. Jpg

Now, we may be jumping the (laser) gun a little bit, but it seems like a very strange coincidence that on the very day before Microsoft holds their big E3 press conference, European age raters PEGI would suddenly confirm that they've provided an age rating to a game that could potentially be a very big deal on Xbox One, does it not?

Indeed, PEGI have granted Elite: Dangerous a 7+ age rating within the last 2 hours (it's 4am on Monday morning here in the UK) and we might be putting the cart before the horse, but this could be the sign of a big announcement to come. Could it be related to the super extra bonus exclusive funtimes that Microsoft have promised Xbox Live Gold members?

Only time will tell. You can check out the live conference right here at Pure Xbox, complete with live chat and a live blog, with all that live-ness built into one page. The show page will go live in a few hours time.