Well, after that headline, it wasn't going to be great news, was it?

In the USA, Amazon have temporarily removed the Kinect-free Xbox One console from sale, due to a wave of customers reporting to Amazon that there is either "something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described."

We're guessing that this is down to the "noise" issue that seems to have been a problem that more than a handful of users have reported, although that is conjecture at this point in time. Given that the removal is only of the Kinect-free system, and that the noise issue appears to only affect those who purchased the Kinect-free system (although some say that unplugging Kinect from a system that was bundled with it causes the same issue), we'd say it was a fair bet.

We should stress that other bundles are unaffected, and are available for sale and preorder as normal. It's just the standalone Xbox One that's been removed at this time.

If you have purchased an Xbox One that makes an unwanted noise (and by that, we don't mean kids yelling out obsceneties when you're playing Madden NFL 15 online), Microsoft has stated that they will exchange your console for a brand new one. You need to file a request with, who will hook you up.