You're the one that they want.

Finally, a nice bit of good news for Kinect fans this morning.

Intel have released their free Kinect game on Xbox Live Arcade overnight. The game - named Intel Discovered - stars Chris Evans (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, [i]Captain America: The First Avenger), Victoria's Secret model Chanel Iman, and Redfoo (the one with the crazy afro) from LMFAO.

The game promises to teach you how to be an action hero, a model, and the ultimate party starter - all for the princely sum of nothing. Looking a little like a HD version of those old Mega-CD FMV adventures, Intel Discovered will have you punching, kicking, jumping, posing and crowdsurfing. If you're successful, you can create a custom movie poster featuring yourself and Evans, and a magazine cover, both of which can be shared with your friends via the usual lineup of social networks.

Intel Discovered is available now from Xbox Live Arcade. As it stands, the game is only showing up on the US marketplace, so may be a US exclusive. With that said, the game isn't supposed to launch until this Friday, 19th of October - so it may show up for us UK and European folks then. We'll confirm that either way when we know more.