XDefiant Loadout: The Best Starter Weapon Build

XDefiant is out now on Xbox, and there's a lot of content to explore on day one as Ubisoft builds towards Season 1. That of course includes a bunch of weapons, and we're already playing around with our best XDefiant weapon early on.

That'll be the MP5A2 SMG, which is one of the best all-round weapons to start out with in your opening hours of XDefiant. Here's our current best setup based on what's reasonable to unlock pretty quickly:

Best XDefiant Weapon Loadout

  • MP5A2
  • Reflex Sight
  • Recon Barrel
  • Superlight Front Rail
  • Heavy Rear Grip
  • Padded Stock
XDefiant Loadout: The Best Starter Weapon Build 1

All of these attachments are the first unlock within each category, and that means that they come with no negative affects. All of these will improve the base weapon, and we recommend you equip them as soon as possible once unlocked.

As you continue to level up the MP5 you may come across other attachments that better suit your playstyle - so feel free to swap one of these out as you see fit. Just be warned, the later attachments unlocks typically have a downside that also needs to be taken into account.

Let us know if you're liking this weapon in XDefiant so far!