Hot On The Heels Of Fallout, Amazon Greenlights New Tomb Raider TV Series

Fallout on Amazon Prime has proved super popular since its April 2024 release, so why not try some other gaming IP? Well, it seems the folks over at Amazon have wised up - announcing a brand-new Tomb Raider series for Prime Video.

Even though Tomb Raider isn't a stranger to transmedia releases, it has been a short while since the series came to the big screen. The last Tomb Raider film landed back in 2018, 17 years after the Angelina Jolie-studded movie from 2001. Anyway, it's returning as a TV show this time around, with Phoebe Waller-Bridge set as writer and executive producer.

Funnily enough, Amazon Games announced a partnership with Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics on a brand-new game entry back in 2022, so it seems that the two entities are only deepening their relationship here. The game is set to be a "single-player, narrative-driven action-adventure" that serves as the "next chapter to Lara Croft’s legendary explorations" in Tomb Raider.

Neither the upcoming game nor the TV show have release dates just yet, but we'll drop a link to some more info about the Amazon Games title down below.

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