Starfield: How To Solve The Mantis Quest Puzzle 8

One of the standout early quests in Starfield sees you venture off in search of a character known as The Mantis. During the course of this mission you'll happen upon an environmental puzzle that could leave some players scrabbling for an answer, so let's take a look at the solution.

Starfield: How To Solve The Mantis Quest Puzzle

In the first few hours of the game you'll receive a datapad called "Secret Outpost!" (during the This Old Neighborhood quest) and you'll need to jump into your inventory to view the pad in your collected logs. Once you've done this you'll have a location to make your way towards in the Denebola system, so hop in your ship and get on your way.

Starfield: How To Solve The Mantis Quest Puzzle 1
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Now, we won't ruin the ins and outs of this one too much for you, as it really is worth discovering for yourself if you can, and there are some very sweet rewards, including what will probably be your first new ship, as a result of completing it.

As you make your way through the outpost you've been sent to, you'll take out a bunch of enemies and some of them will have further datapads on their bodies, detailing their relationship with The Mantis. One of these logs contains the phrase "Sic Semper Tyrannis". Remember this phrase and continue blasting your way to the quest marker.

Eventually you'll meet a friendly NPC who will explain that there's a floor puzzle ahead you need to solve in order to avoid being blasted by a line of high-powered lasers. The trick here is look at the floor and observe how its split into lines full of letters. Simply start by crossing the first line over the letter "T" and then continue forward, spelling out the word TYRANNIS as you go. Do it correctly and you'll reach the other side unscathed. Phew!

Now, there is a computer near the puzzle, one we were too underpowered to hack, that may well circumvent the need to worry about any of this, and we reckon you could also take out the lasers from range if you have a powerful enough weapon too. However, the above solution will the the best way forward for newer players.

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Once you've made it to the end of the mission and into the lair of the Mantis, make sure to search every nook and cranny because there's some sweet gear knocking around in here!