starfield pilot training
Image: Pure Xbox

Levelling up skills in Starfield takes quite a bit of time, there's a large spread to choose from and plenty of XP and objective hoops to jump through in order to move up ranks within each individual skill branch.

It stands to reason most players will want to rank up healing, combat and other aspects of their character first, but piloting skills should not be forgotten about. These skills will give you more manoeuvrability, higher damage output, access to thrusters and other things that make the dogfights in Starfield easier to navigate.

In order to rank up your piloting skills faster, by which we mean complete the various objectives such as taking out a set number of enemies, we've got a tasty tip that'll speed along the process.

Starfield: How To Level Up Your Piloting Skills Super Quickly

Instead of looking around and waiting for actual space skirmishes to happen, what we're gonna do here is hit the UC Vanguard training area - it's in the basement area of the MAST HQ in New Atlantis - in order to spend as much time as we like getting kills that count as real-life strikes in the flight simulators here.

In order to use the simulators, have a quick chat at the UC Vanguard registration desk, to the right of the reception area in MAST HQ. Here Commander Tuala will walk you through the quick process of joining up before you can head down and get busy polishing your dogfighting skills!

Remember that you can quit and return here as often as you like too, so no more waiting around for random skirmishes whenever you feel the need for speed.