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Starfield is an absolutely huge game with large skill trees that are gonna take you to over level 300 to fully max out. That's a lot of levels.

Unfortunately, the way things are balanced right now, going through the game's main and side missions doesn't net you all that much in the way of XP. So we need to look elsewhere if we really wanna speed up the process, and that elsewhere is what we're gonna take a look at right now, let's jump in.

Starfield: How To Level Up Quickly, Tips For Levelling Up

Murder All Wildlife

Yes, we know, that isn't very nice, but the fact is killing high-level wildlife on planets is the number one way to level up quickly as far as we can tell right now. Not just any wildlife is gonna suffice here, you want to find a planet that has fauna a good bit higher than your current level, then head there and set up an outpost so you can fast travel.

Once you've found a decent planet and set up your outpost, it's time to get busy killin'. Killing wildlife is easier than taking on other types of enemy, they just ain't as clever, and therefore far less time-consuming. So put your morals aside and get busy blasting.

How To Tell What Level A System's Wildlife Is

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In order to see what level the creatures within a system are going to be, simply hover over a system in your galaxy map and you'll get an info readout showing you all the details you need. We reckon you should aim to kill animals up to 20 levels higher than where you currently are at to really max the benefits.

Remember too that the act of searching for planets, exploring, scanning and so on, even setting up your outpost, is all netting you XP too, so this is the number one way to cash in right now.

Have Sexy Times

Now, we don't know about you guys, but killing animals makes us, no wait. OK, but seriously. Having sex with your partner in Starfield nets you a temporary 15% XP boost, for like 20 minutes or so. This is nothing to be sniffed at, so we suggest making time for getting married and then getting stuck in.


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You're probably tired from killing lots of wildlife right now, yeah? Well, luckily for you, resting in Starfield, as in all Bethesda RPGs, will net you a "Well Rested" bonus. This sees you gain 10% extra XP for a period after you wake up. So, make sure to take plenty of naps.

Also, if you happen to get married in the game, the 10% rises to 15%, so make sure you're flirting with everyone.

Complete Missions

Incredibly obvious and, as we mentioned already, not as good as killing animals, completing quests and doing all that normal stuff that you're meant to be doing will net you plenty of XP.

Tranquilitea & Alien Tea

Drinking both of these will earn you temporary XP boosts, just like sleeping, although at 2% the gains are smaller here. Small, but worth taking the time to have a sip and keep it ticking over.

Explore & Remember To Scan Everything

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Another very obvious one, but it's easy to forget to pop the old scanner on sometimes and it's really worth doing as every planet, plant, resource and animal you scan will net you XP. Make sure to stretch out across the galaxy map too, visit new systems, scan all the planets there and you'll soon find yourself rising up through the levels and unlocking plenty of useful skills as you go.