starfield mk 1 suit
Image: Pure Xbox

Digging into Starfield you'll find that it's absolutely jampacked full of very cool spacesuits for you to find and acquire, all of which give you various boosts and protections to enjoy.

Straight out the gate, as expected, you'll need to work your way through lower level gear to get to the really good stuff. Or! You could just head to The Lodge, one of the very first locations you'll visit in the game, in order to pilfer one of its best suit offerings almost right away. Let's take a look at how to get your hands on the Mark 1 Spacesuit.

Starfield: How To Get One Of The Game's Best Spacesuits Early

As soon as you arrive at The Lodge, head downstairs and have a look around in the basement area. Down here you'll find workbenches, a cooking station and some fairly decent guns to add to your collection early on.

Head to the right down here and you'll spot a room with a spotlit painting hanging above a covered sofa. Move into this room and look to the corner to find a cabinet containing the suit we're after.

Now, to get this the regular way, you'll need to be ranked up in your digi-picking skills enough to open an expert lock. Of course, if you've just started the game this won't be the case. So instead what you want to do is carefully place your cursor over the joint of the door at the right front of the case, as shown in our picture below to get the option to open the mannequin itself.

And as easily as that, the Mark 1 suit is yours. We're a good 35-40 hours into the game right now and this is still the best suit we've come across, so it's absolutely worth stealing. Oh, and Bethesda could very well patch this quite quickly, so don't take too long about it!