Starfield Console Mod Support: Are Mods Coming To Xbox?

Starfield is Bethesda Game Studios' latest open world RPG, so naturally, fans are going to want to know about mod support. Of course, on PC you can always turn to unofficial mods, but what about official Bethesda-supported mod tools, and what about Xbox mod support?

Are Mods Coming To Starfield?

On PC, official mods are indeed coming to Starfield. According to a recent interview with Bethesda's Pete Hines, mod support is coming, "as we've always done on PC".

Are Starfield Mods Coming To Xbox?

Thankfully, mods will be making their way to the Xbox version of Starfield as well! Bethesda says "you'll be able to use mods both on PC and Xbox" once the feature becomes officially supported on PC.

When Will Starfield Mod Support Launch?

We don't have a specific launch date for official Starfield mods just yet, but we do have a hint at when they'll arrive.

In a translated interview with Todd Howard, the developer said that "mods will be supported next year", so expect them to launch sometime in 2024.

Can You Use Unofficial Starfield Mods On Xbox?

No, you cannot use any unofficial Starfield mods on Xbox. These sorts of mods are available on PC via various third party platforms, but until Bethesda releases its own official mod tool support, you won't be able to use them on Xbox Series X and S.

So, there you have it! Bethesda is well aware of the demand for Starfield mods and is hard at work developing their tools for release next year. In the meantime, there's plenty to go at in the base version of Starfield on Xbox, PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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What mods are you hoping to see in Starfield? Let us know!