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Besides an absolute ton of guns and other weapons to pick up, and a massive skill tree to get busy unlocking, Starfield also gives players 24 powers to wield in battle.

The game's powers begin to unlock a little ways into the game, and you'll need to do some travelling in order to get them all, but it's worth the hassle as there are some game-changers in the mix here. Let's take a look at all 24 powers, how to unlock powers and which powers we reckon are the most useful.

Note: As much as we've kept things as spoiler-free as we can, there are still some spoilers ahead so please retreat if you don't want any surprises ruined for you.

Starfield: All Powers, Best Powers, How To Unlock Powers

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All Powers

Alien Reanimation

Resurrect a dead alien to fight on your side

Anti-Gravity Field

Create an area of low gravity to lift enemies into the air

Creator’s Peace

Disarm nearby foes

Create Vacuum

Play havoc with enemy 02 supplies


Turn low grav to normal grav levels

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Elemental Pull

Pull resources towards you

Eternal Harvest

Re-harvest flora that you've already harvested

Grav Dash

Dash forward and increase your damage output

Gravity Wave

Launch a wave that disrupts and knocks down enemies

Gravity Well

Pull foes around you into a central point

Inner Demon

Create a mirror of enemies that attacks them

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Life Forced

Steal enemy HP for yourself

Moon Form

Receive super resistance to all damage while temporarily rooted to the spot

Parallel Self

Create a duplicate of yourself to help out in battle

Particle Beam

A high dmg energy beam

Personal Atmosphere

Restore your oxygen levels

Phased Time

Slow time to a crawl


See the future of NPC actions or conversation choices

Reactive Shield

A shield that deflects enemy projectiles

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Sense Star Stuff

Detect nearby lifeforms

Solar Flare

Emit a burst of solar plasma that does elemental damage

Sunless Space

Freeze foes


Causes a large explosion

Void Form

Turn invisible for a period of time

Further to all of these powers, once you hit New Game Plus, there are new variations and levelled up versions to get your hands on!

How To Unlock Powers

In order to start netting powers in Starfield, you'll need to complete the game's third main narrative missions, "Into the Unknown".

This mission will see you introduced to your very first Artifact Temple. Inside the temple you'll need to control your avatar in zero gravity to hit collections of light as they appear until the central spinning portal activates and awards you with your power.

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When you get your power, you'll be transported back outside the temple you're at, at which point you'll then need to defeat a Starborn in battle. There's only ever one of them, so this isn't particularly difficult, but best be forewarned they'll attack as soon as you're transported outside.

Once you've completed this first temple, you'll see "Power From Above" quests pop up in your quest log. Each one of these gets you a new power at a new temple. When you land on a planet to search for a temple you'll need to bring up your scanner and aim it until you get interference, then just move in that direction to eventually have the temple pinpointed on your radar.

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So keep on completing these as they turn up and also be aware that a few powers will unlock later in the game as the story progresses.

You should also check in with Vlad on The Eye, as he may well update you with more Power From Above quests.

Best Powers

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Completely subjective, obviously, but for us the five best powers in Starfield are as follows;

Anti-Gravity Field

This is the first power you'll earn and it allows you to hold in the left and right triggers to create an anti-grav bubble in your vicinity that catches enemies and sends them spinning around helplessly for a short period of time.

Parallel Self

What's better than one of you blasting bad guys to pieces with your strongest available weapons? That's right, two of you doing exactly the same thing. Parallel self gives you a clone to help whittle down groups of enemies and can be a lifesaver in enemy camps with a large number of well-armoured foes.

Phased Time

Another belter, this one allows you to slow the flow of time right down for a bit so you can get to work waltzing right up to foes and blasting them in the head with a shotgun. Tasty.

Particle Beam

Another cracker here, Particle Beam does big damage and can be just what's required to finish off a tough enemy who's causing trouble.

Void Form

Become invisible, there really isn't much more to say! Invisibility gives you the upper hand and, when paired with the right weapon, gives you the opportunity to stealth through enemy camps and dish out some ultra-satisfying death.