Starfield: All Main Missions List

For such an absolutely enormous time-sink of a game, Starfield's main story mission list isn't as long as you might expect. There are 19 missions that are considered core to the narrative - although this can be complicated slightly if you take on another subset of missions which we won't go into spoiling here.

As far as time expected to complete the following core quests, you can mainline the lot of them in around 30 hours - or even 20 if you really do skip everything else. Of course, that's not how we'd really recommend diving into a Bethesda joint, but each to their own.

So, let's take a quick look at a list of 19 of the game's main missions.

Starfield: All Main Missions List

  • One Small Step
  • The Old Neighbourhood
  • The Empty Nest
  • Back to Vectera
  • Into the Unknown
  • All That Money Can Buy
  • Starborn
  • Further into the Unknown
  • Short Sighted
  • No Sudden Moves
  • High Price to Pay
  • Unity
  • In Their Footsteps
  • Unearthed
  • Final Glimpses
  • Missed Beyond Measure
  • Entangled
  • Revelation
  • One Giant Leap

Of course, we'll have lots more side missions, faction missions and other lists add to the available space adventures to get stuck into discovering in Starfield over the next few weeks, so stick with us as we get to grips with this one!