Is Persona 5 Coming To Xbox Game Pass?
Image: Atlus / SEGA

Persona 5 has been rumoured as coming to Xbox Game Pass throughout 2021. Unfortunately, we've had various events come and go with no sign of the much-loved JRPG series.

But does that mean it's not coming at all? Probably not, and we would be surprised if the series never makes the jump to Xbox. There have been some indicators outside of the rumours that Atlus could be looking into pumping the series into other platforms.

Just earlier this year, Famitsu (thanks, Persona Central) reported on how SEGA is considering an expansion of the series and other Atlus properties following the success of Yakuza: Like A Dragon. According to Shuji Utsumi, SEGA's chief strategy officer and general manager of Asia and Japan studios, "a simultaneous release on multiple platforms would be favourable for [their] titles".

Industry insiders also teased something may be in the works for Persona 5 on Xbox, with both Jez Corden and Shpeshal Nick hinting the game could be arriving on Xbox.

While it's not definitive proof of an Xbox release, all the parts seem to be falling into place. Phil Spencer previously stated that Xbox is "working with Japanese publishers every single day" to bolster its catalogue of Japanese based titles.

"We're working with Japanese publishers every single day to increase our line-up of Japanese games on Xbox. We know it's really important to fans and customers on Xbox."

Persona 5 is arguably one of the biggest Japanese titles out there yet to make the jump to Xbox. Its spin-off Persona 5 Strikers managed to launch on Nintendo Switch and PC, so perhaps there is hope we could be seeing the fan-favourite entry in the series launch on Xbox sooner rather than later.

Do you think Persona 5 will find its way onto Xbox Game Pass eventually? Let us know down below.