Persona 5 Could Be Making Its Way To Xbox

Updated story: Persona is a series many Xbox fans have been wanting to see on the platform for a very long time. Now, a couple of sources have potentially teased that the franchise could be making its way over in the near future.

Both Windows Central's Jez Corden and XboxEra podcast host Shpeshal Ed have provided suggestions that the series is on its way. While these mostly just take the form of teases (and one tweet has since been deleted by Shpeshal Ed about it over the past few hours), they've conjured up speculation that something might be brewing.

As we say, this is far from definitive confirmation as of yet, but there's at least a chance that something might be underway. The series' producer, Kazuhisa Wada, teased late last year (thanks, Persona Central) that 2021 will see "exciting plans" for the franchise. Could it be that it will be finally making its way to Xbox? The recent Persona 5 Strikers made the jump to Nintendo Switch, so clearly it's not an issue of console exclusivity. Anything is possible!

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