Microsoft Rewards: How To Complete March 2023's 'Powerful Women Of Game Pass' Punch Card 2

It's Microsoft Rewards time! In addition to the new March 2023 Monthly Bonus Round punch card on Xbox, we've got a second punch card once again this month in which you can acquire an extra 500 points in less than an hour.

The punch card is called "Powerful Women of Game Pass" and requires you to obtain three achievements (rather than the usual one) from a list of Xbox Game Pass games.

There are a few ways you can tackle this. Firstly, if you're looking for a video guide, the excellent Rewards Hunter has provided a solution for Mirrors Edge Catalyst which you can watch down below:

Alternatively, the easiest game in which you can complete three achievements is probably Contrast.

Here are the achievements that you'll be able to obtain quickly:

  • Contrast - A New Dimension

When you shift into a shadow for the first time (unmissable after a couple of minutes), you'll get an achievement.

  • Contrast - Illuminated

You'll find luminaries scattered throughout Contrast (they're little balls of light). Find two of them, and the achievement will pop. There are seven luminaries in Act 1 alone.

  • Contrast - Not That Kind Of Game!

Early in the story, when the game tells you to go to the Ghost Note Theater, go past it and search for the building that says "Dirty" along with a 24-hour sign. Press X on the door here, and you'll get the achievement.

You'll find more help for Contrast by watching the following Welsh Hunter achievement walkthrough:

The Powerful Women of Game Pass punch card is available throughout March 2023, so you've still got until March 31st to complete it. We've verified that it's available in at least the US and UK.

If you're new to all of this, we've got a few guides about the program here at Pure Xbox, including how to make 20,000 points per-month with Microsoft Rewards - or even more in some cases!

Have you got any easy suggestions to help complete this punch card? Tell us down below!