Microsoft Rewards: How To Complete February 2023's 'Xbox Game Pass Dynamic Duos' Punch Card 2

It's Microsoft Rewards time! In addition to the new February 2023 Monthly Bonus Round punch card on Xbox, we've again got a second punch card this month in which you can acquire an extra 500 points in just a few minutes.

The punch card is called "Xbox Game Pass Dynamic Duos" and requires you to obtain one achievement from a list of Xbox Game Pass games.

Here are some tips on how to complete it, courtesy of the Microsoft Rewards Reddit community. The first two comments are related to Escape Academy, but we'd probably recommend Unravel Two as an even easier option here.

If you want some extra help, Rewards Hunter has a great guide on YouTube as well:

The Xbox Game Pass Hidden Gems punch card is available throughout February 2023, so you've still got until February 28th to complete it. We've verified that it's available in at least the US and UK.

If you're still getting to grips with everything, we've got a few guides about the program here at Pure Xbox, including how to make 20,000 points per-month with Microsoft Rewards - or even more in some cases!

Have you got any easy suggestions to help complete this punch card? Tell us down below!