Microsoft Rewards Top 10 Shocktober Punch Card

It's Microsoft Rewards time! You might have noticed yesterday that another new punch card went live on the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox, and it's a fantastic way to get 500 easy points for just a few minutes' work.

As you can see from the image above, you first need to activate the 'Shocktober' punch card on the app, and then get just one achievement from any of the listed games. Here are a few suggestions from the Microsoft Rewards Reddit community on how to complete this quickly:

It shouldn't take you very long at all to complete this punch card, so don't forget to do it! It's live from now until October 31, which means you've still got another couple of weeks if you don't have the time over the next few days. We've verified that it's available in at least the US and UK.

Don't forget that October 2021's Monthly Bonus Round is now live too, allowing you to earn up to 2550 points.

If you're new to the Microsoft Rewards program, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of obtaining points - you can also earn hundreds per-day by completing Bing searches on PC and mobile, earning Achievements in Xbox games, finding Weekly Treasures, pre-ordering specific games and much more. Check out our guide!

Have you got any easy achievement suggestions for this punch card? Tell us down below!