Lies of P Parade Master Boss Guide
Image: Pure Xbox

The Parade Master is the very first boss you're going to run into in Lies of P, heck he arrives before the game's opening credits do. That's not to say he's easy though, in fact he can prove to be a right pain if you go mincing into battle without a strategy. Let's check out how to bypass this behemoth.

Lies of P: Parade Master Boss Guide

The key to the first phase of this attack is to capitalise on how slow and easy to read Parade Master is. He has a dash attack that takes him a little time to recover from as he always follows it with a slow but powerful slam or sweep. So, watch from distance for him to wind up into his dash, then nip in and do some damage before backing off again.

Lies of P Parade Master Boss Guide 1
Image: Pure Xbox

You should be able to get him right down to half health by employing this strategy, at which point he enters Phase 2, signalled by him pulling the cage of his back and tearing his own head off. Steady on there, bug guy!

In phase 2 it's actually much more of the same in terms of how the big guy moves around, except that he can now sweep a greater area of the arena as his new head on a stick weapon has more reach.

Lies of P Parade Master Boss Guide 2
Image: Pure Xbox

Things are definitely trickier in terms of timing because of his extended reach, so you can choose to watch and get the timings down to nip in and out for hits whilst avoiding his massively damaging sweep attacks or, and we very much advise this, stock up on throwable items at the vendor who is right outside the boss arena so that when phase 2 kicks in you can simply bombard him with throwables from range and make this tougher part of the fight a complete triviality.

Once you've finally got him down, you'll be rewarded with the Parade Leader's Ergo and your first Quartz, which you'll use to level up skills a little later down the line. Good job!