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How do you level up in Lies of P?

In order to make your character stronger you'll need to collect and then spend the game's souls equivalent, Ergo. But where do you swap Ergo for power? Let's take a look.

Lies of P: How To Level Up

To level up in Lies of P, you'll need to make your way through the game until you reach Hotel Krat, which is fairly early on, just after the pre-credits boss battle.

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Image: Pure Xbox

Once you've arrived at this hub area you can speak with Sophia to spend your Ergo levelling up your attributes. This system works exactly as those found in FromSoftware's games, and hovering over any of your attributes will highlight and show what upgrades to stats you can expect to gain once you give over your Ergo.

When you've been to the hotel, you can then travel back to it from any Stargazer in the game by holding X and, over time, this area will become populated by more NPCs who provide vital services such as weapon upgrades and P-Organ augmentation.

And that's all there is to levelling up in Lies of P!