Here Are The Release Times For Hades On Xbox Game Pass

It's already been a very busy week for Game Pass, and the highlight hasn't even arrived yet! A year since its critically-acclaimed release for Nintendo Switch and PC, Hades is finally coming to Xbox Game Pass on Friday, August 13.

In terms of release times, we're a little bit in the dark because nothing has been officially acknowledged (as far as we know), but the Microsoft Store is suggesting that pretty much every region will benefit from a midnight release:

  • Midnight, Thursday August 12 (AEST, EDT, BST, CEST, etc)
Hades Xbox Release Times

This does technically mean that if you're in New Zealand (or you switch your console to the NZ region - do it at your own risk!), you can already start playing Hades on Xbox Game Pass, and it'll soon be available in Australia as well.

If you'd rather wait until it's properly available in your region, or you're not sure whether you're even interested, we've prepared a guide with everything you need to know about Hades ahead of its Xbox Game Pass release.

Will you be playing Hades this Friday? Let us know down in the comments below!