Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta: Release Date & Release Times On Xbox Series X|S

We never thought we'd see the day, but Final Fantasy XIV Online is finally coming to Xbox this week! It arrives in the form of an online beta at first, before transitioning to a full, paid release alongside a free trial in the near-ish future.

Below, you'll find all the release dates and release times for the Final Fantasy XIV Online beta on Xbox, along with details about the forthcoming free trial, as well as how to download the beta when the time arrives.

So, here's everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy XIV Online launch on Xbox:

Final Fantasy Online: Xbox Beta Release Date

The beta for Final Fantasy XIV Online will release on February 21st across Xbox Series X and Series S.

This is free for all Xbox owners, and progress will transfer over to the full version when it launches "immediately" following the conclusion of the beta. Further details about this will be announced later on.

Final Fantasy Online: Xbox Beta Release Time

Final Fantasy XIV Online's Xbox beta has a release time of 12am PT / 3am ET / 8am GMT on February 21st.

In terms of when the beta will end, this hasn't been determined as of yet - it'll be revealed in the future.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Beta: Release Date & Release Times On Xbox Series X|S 2

How To Download The Final Fantasy Online Xbox Beta

To download the Final Fantasy XIV Online Xbox beta, you'll first need to visit the Microsoft Store on your Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S console. From there, you'll want to search for "Final Fantasy XIV", find the one that says "FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial", and then install the game and launch it.

If you're not seeing it yet, that's probably because you're too early! As far as we know, the ability to download the Final Fantasy Online beta won't become available on the store until that release time arrives on Wednesday.

"For existing #FFXIV players wishing to play on Xbox: We ask that existing players wait until the official launch before jumping in as you will need to link a Microsoft account to your Square Enix account and this link cannot be undone."

What's Included In The Final Fantasy Online Xbox Beta?

The beta of Final Fantasy XIV Online includes all the content in the free trial version of the game, which is actually a significant amount! There's no limit on your playtime (but you can't go past level 70), and you can experience all of "A Realm Reborn" along with the Stormblood and Heavensward expansions. It's a pretty generous offering!

Is Final Fantasy Online On Xbox One?

Final Fantasy XIV Online isn't available on Xbox One at launch, so that means it's exclusive to Series X and S. There's been no suggestion from Square Enix that an Xbox One version will made, so it's best to assume it's not happening.

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