The Swapper

The Swapper (Xbox One)


Xbox One
Curve Digital
Facepalm Games


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User Ratings: 1

Our Review: 10/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle
Release Date

Xbox Live

  • US 5th Jun 2015
  • EU 5th Jun 2015
Also Available On
Wii U eShop, PS3, PS4, PS Vita

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The Swapper Screenshot
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The Swapper Screenshot
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    Who Knows?

    In 1885, German biologist Hans Driesch demonstrated that you could produce two sea urchins from a single embryo cell. Ever since then, society has been intrigued by cloning and the controversial practice has continued to this day. It's a tricky subject to discuss due to the many moral issues surrounding cloning. Should man play God? How...

About The Game

What if someone knew your mind better than you did? The Swapper is an award-winning, narrative driven puzzle game set in the furthest reaches of space. The Swapper takes place in an isolated and atmospheric sci-fi world. Players wield an experimental device which allows them to create clones of themselves, swapping their entire consciousness into new bodies to overcome the challenges of the environment.

• Think: Fiendishly designed puzzles with equally clever solutions that are never more than a few steps away.
• Wonder: The art in The Swapper is constructed using clay models and everyday materials, which combine to create truly unique visuals in a detailed and atmospheric environment.
• Discover: A powerful and thoughtful story, told through the game's environment with narrative design from Tom Jubert, the writer behind hits including Driver: San Francisco and Faster Than Light.