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Pinball FX2


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Zen Studios


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  • Feature Game of the Year - Staff Lists

    Another year bites the dust

    With just a few days left in 2014, we thought it would be the perfect time for Pure Xbox to put a Game of the Year list out in the wild. Instead of featuring a single list of games voted on by our entire team of writers (like we did for our Most Wanted Games of 2015 article), we've instead decided to feature each writer's...


  • Guide The Best Pinball FX2 Tables Money Can Buy

    Are you ready to have a ball?

    Are you interested in buying Pinball FX2 but aren’t sure which tables to download first? Well, considering some of us at pX are massive pinball junkies, we’ve compiled a little guide of sorts to help you get started. These are the tables that we find the most enjoyable to play, and ones we believe would be great...