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Though I don't know much about it, this thread can be used to discuss the Xbox Insider program!

An icon just popped up on my Xbox asking me to enrol in the Insider program. I've had a look online to try and figure out what it is and it seems like it's generally to test out new features before they roll out to everyone.

I just wondered what the pros and cons are from other people's experiences?

If the only reward for joining is early access to new features, it's not something of great interest to me. I'm the sort of person that leaves my android system update pending while everyone else tests it out and that's a general release, not even beta testers. Just because I don't want to rush to download an update that could significantly change how my phone works which happens surprisingly frequently on Android.

I could be interested in playing certain games before release but how does that even work? Do you have to buy the game and get early access to it?

I just see another thread where somebody can't reinstall their OS on a new hard drive because it was running an Insider build, it's not something I'm keen on happening to me.

Can you pick and choose what you test out, like prioritise unreleased games over unreleased UI builds? The latter of which I'm not keen on. Are there any other rewards for taking part like Microsoft points that can be exchanged for gift vouchers or anything?

Cheers in advance for any replies!



I was about to forward you to that thread because I saw they were having issues with their OS version. I've thought about joining before as well, but figured I'm better off just receiving any updates once they're final.


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@MAC26 ah cheers, yeah I don't want to end up with a brick! It's almost certainly not something id usually be interested in and I really can't imagine any perks from being an unpaid guinea pig for Microsoft.

Maybe someone who is part of the program might know more about the perks of the program and can maybe change my mind though!


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