Topic: Wishful Thinking: remote play client for Xbox to Xbox?

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Sorry for the confusing title, wasn’t sure how to put it without making a paragraph out of the title.

Basically: right now I can sit down on my PC and remote play my Xbox games. But I got an XBox One X and an Xbox One VCR Launch model. Obviously the launch model won’t run games as smoothly as the X, and needless to say, we getting the awesome Series X power box coming soon.

So, would it not be awesome if I could use my weaker XBox models to stream games running off my most powerful XBox? Hell, would be a plus if the 360 also got a client.

Oh and before anyone asks why so many consoles (also have 3 PS4s 🙃) it’s because it’s a big house and got multiple TVs in the home office, living room, home theater, bedroom, guest room, etc.... I have so many Nintendo Switch Docks...)


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