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Well, I suppose I am one of the few and very disheartened $500 paperweight owner.

Here is my story: I am a US Military Soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan and I finally found a bundled XB1 from good old Wal-Mart. Yay for me!!! So I went ahead and ordered it and awaited arrival. I do have a few friends that ordered the XB1 over here and their systems worked flawless.

So yesterday, Christmas, my XB1 arrives! Ahead of schedule none the less. It was like a true Christmas even for being Deployed. So....I opened the box and proceeded to setup the XB1. I was a little worried due to the fact that the internet here is not the best but, everything was downloading fantastically to my surprise. The system finished downloading and was now restarting. Let me tell you that I was quite ecstatic that I was only minutes away from playing some good old Madden with my Soldiers. EPIC FAIL!!!!! Once the XB1 shutdown it has never turned back on. I press the power button and it lights up for about 2 seconds and beeeuuwwwww....OFF.

Now I am not new to issues with Xbox so as before troubleshooting is my only option at this time. EPIC FAIL!!! Called Microsoft support....EPIC FAIL!!! So now, for the time being, I own a aesthetically pleasing %500 paperweight.

I have decided to send the XB1 to my fiance and have her send it to MS and get me a replacement. So now that's around another month or two of no XB1. Now, I am writing this post to those who have had the same issue or similar issues. I know it can be a giant pain with Xbox issues. Just know that if you have a EPIC FAIL with your XB1 or any console for that matter, I feel your pain and wish you the best of luck with getting your console fixed.

Thank Goodness I am a 33 year old gamer and not a 10 year old kid. I can handle the disappointment of a broken XB1. If I was 10, I think I would be heart broken and shattered. Im sure I would definitely cry for awhile as well.

So with that all said, MS....FIX YOUR STUFF!!!!!! Stop breaking peoples hearts! Thank for reading


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I haven't got an Xbox One. It's a bit pricey right now & would inevitably have issues, so I'm waiting to get next-gen consoles. The games I want (X, Halo 5, Zelda, etc.) also aren't out yet or in some cases, they haven't even been named. I got my 3DS at launch & it had inadequate padding on the upper-half of the interior, so when the system folded, the buttons slowly left an imprint of themselves. No major defects, but it's a mild annoyance to have imprints of the buttons visible around the top screen when I play. Post-launch window models have fixed this, but it was another reason to wait. The launch models of the 3DS hardly compared to the stories I've heard about the original Xbox 360. Those would get the Red Ring of Death error from overheating & had malfunctioning disc drives. It must suck to have one of the faulty Xbox Ones, hopefully this gets fixed soon. Hopefully things get better for you.


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I luckily have a fully functioning PS4 and Xbox One. The red ring was caused by overheating and cheap thermal paste (I went through a lot of 360's) the Xbox One runs surprisingly cool! I never thought I'd say that being more partial to Sony but it honestly does, infact it runs a bit cooler then my PS4. I had the same problem with the launch DS I got for my son.. Buying launch consoles is risky but you are backed by warranty and I just have no patience lol.

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