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Good afternoon,
I have been gifted a 'Day One Edition' Xbox One. It's in immaculate condition. I have no experience of games consoles prior so this is all new to me. I get confused when reviewing articles so thought I'd ask my questions here.

1) What is the difference between an Xbox One 'Day One Edition' and the regular Xbox One?
Do they have the same hardware and power?

2) I have a 1080p ten year old television (top of the range a decade ago). I sit five yards from the screen when I play the console. With the age of my television, the distance I sit from my television, and not having a gamers eye, would I notice any sharper graphics using an Xbox One S over the original Xbox One 'Day One Edition'? Other than size is the Xbox One S better than the 'Day One Edition' (bear in mind my television is only 1080p)?

3) The games I have been gifted are:
Tekken 7
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Rainbow Six : Siege
Call of Duty : WW2
Project Cars 2
Fifa 19

I've completed Tekken 7 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 thus far. When I say complete, I've completed the story for Tekken 7 and the Campaign/Resurrection for Star Wars. Are these the only offline mission/tasks available on the two said games?
I have to say I found the Tekken 7 game disappointing, the majority of the time was watching the video story footage rather than playing fights.

4) Whenever I try and play online, I am always directed to an Xbox Live screen where it asks me what subscription I want to purchase. Am I only able to play with fellow gamers (play against random strangers) if I purchase an Xbox Live account?
If yes, then having completed the games and not sure if I want to purchase an Xbox Live subscription I may as well give the games away.

5) With the games I've been gifted (see 3.) do these games still have online players?
I've read that, if the game is old, MS servers don't host online gaming for them as they've had their day?
Is this correct?

6) I seem to have run out of my 500Gb storage. Is there a way I can attach an external hard-drive and load more games to, or do I need to uninstall some games to load others onto the original 500Gb hard-drive?

Sorry for all the questions but it would be a great help if you can advise me.
Thank you.



@SpudNew8 Hello! I'll get the ball rolling and then someone else might be able to provide more detail (I'm low on time right now)

1. The 'Day One' edition of the Xbox One was a special version for people who bought the console at launch in 2013. It is the same as the normal Xbox One, but includes a special message on the controller to acknowledge it was bought at launch.

2. The Xbox One S is basically just a smaller, sleeker version of the Xbox One - the differences between the two are pretty minimal. You're not going to notice a big graphical difference.

3. Can't help you with Tekken 7, but Star Wars Battlefront 2 has an 'Arcade' mode which allows you to play the multiplayer part of the game with bots offline rather than online players.

4. Xbox Live Gold membership is required to play online (unless you're playing a free-to-play game). It's worth noting that Gold is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate if you decide to get that.

5. Can't help with all of these, but I'd suggest that the majority do. Games like Battlefront 2, Siege and WW2 still have pretty healthy player bases as far as I'm aware.

6. Yes, you can attach external hard drives via USB to create more storage if you want to.

Hope that helps a bit!

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@SpudNew8 much of my response would have been the same as Fraser’s. But you could always do an Xbox Live trial? Or even a Gamepass free trial and see how you like it? Or how much you use it? Or even test those games out to see if they have active players…


2 - Try to ignore anyone who tells you the graphics on an XB1 are poor now because there is a new console out and according to the internet "new is good, old is crap", there are games with terrible graphics on the XB1, but they would also have been terrible 30 years ago(I won't say which "beautiful" extremely highly rated game it is but it is insanely ugly regardless of how people try to tell you otherwise) but the graphics on the high majority of xbox one games are great to incredible(with a few even better).

short version - ignore people who say the graphics aren't generally great, they absolutely are

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Thank you @FraserG @K1LLEGAL @JohannVanDerSmut

I'm glad I posted to this forum.
I guess I'll try out the Xbox Live subscription and then see for myself which games still have active online users to play against.
Pleased to receive confirmation that the 'Day One' edition is the same as the normal Xbox One, also good to know the Xbox One S isn't a noticeable improvement on the original Xbox One.

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Tekken 7 has a lot of cosmetics to grind if you keep playing in other modes like Ghost Etc. However, the single player portion isn’t as well rounded like say MK11 where there is a ton to do after beating the campaign. If you don’t plan on going online and doing multiplayer matches there isn’t too much else.



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